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Regulatory, Direct and indirect Taxes

Bankruptcy and Liquidation Proceeding

Bankruptcy and Liquidation Proceeding

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Grant Management

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Payroll Services and ERP Consultancy

Debt Recovery and Negotiation

Debt Recovery and Negotiation

Project Management

Project Management

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Mergers and Acquisition Services

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Audit and Assurance

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Quality Assurance Audit

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Why choose us ?

At MTA Associate we strongly believe in establishing long term relationship with the clients. Starting right from the introductory or entrance meetings we would endeavour to make you feel the difference in the quality of service that you can expect and shall receive at MTA Associate. To us every client is equally important and when they repose their trust in us, it becomes our bounden duty to serve them with utmost care and the highest level of professional competence. We accept the fact that we are not one of the big four accounting firms nor do we have global presence, but that works to our advantage. Our team is like a family.

Our Values, Philosophy, Goals and Methodology

Instead of being a distant service provider, we collaborate with our clients in all our engagements, work with them as a team and take ownership and responsibility of things, to create long lasting partnerships.

Our services are aimed at protecting our client’s interests. By adopting transparent processes and adhering to highest ethical standards, we ensure client confidentiality and our own credibility. Whilst collaborating with our clients, we remain absolutely independent to deliver unbiased opinions.

We are passionate for our client’s success. By creating a highly stimulating work environment, working with utmost dedication and commitment and focusing on delivery and execution, we perform to not just satisfy but delight our clients.

By continually focusing on quality and deploying best practices, we bring excellence in our work, add value for our clients and strive to enter the realm of supremacy.

Every member of the engagement team is encouraged to be innovative and research oriented. Team members are not only hard working but are intelligent working professionals. Be it the audit reports, the tax strategies or the advice – we are always one step ahead in the process. Each process of an assignment is subjected to critical evaluation with a fault finding objective to ensure that the client deliverables are top notch, error free and the best in class.


MTA ASSOCIATE subscribes to modern automated practice tools that ensure the highest practice quality. These tools promote adequate documentation of engagements, proper planning and risk analysis of all engagements, and comprehensive attention to standardized methodologies that are consistent with international best practice.
We emphasize responsive personal attention to help our clients fulfill their missions and achieve their goals.
In all engagements, MTA Associate seeks to create value for its esteemed clients, making customer satisfaction a central goal of every engagement

  • National Diploma –Accountancy
    B Sc. Banking and Finance
    Associate Member – ICAN
    Associate Member –ICASL
    M Sc. – Development Management

    Michael Toyin Ayanwale

    Managing Partner
  • FCCA,
    FCA (SL)
    MAAT (UK)

    Crispin Melville Oluwole Cole

    Engagement Partner
  • ACCA (UK), FCCA (UK),
    ACCA (SL), FCCA (SL),
    FMAAT (UK),

    Elizabeth Massally (Mrs.)

    Quality Assurance Partner

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